Need of accurate ip location insights for business

Why You Need Accurate IP Location Insights For Your Business

Visitors visit applications with their IP addresses. IP addresses contain some information. For example geolocation information. Today, businesses obtain and use IP geolocation information from visitors' IP addresses for many more purposes in order to provide a better experience and service to their visitors.

The easiest and most effective way to obtain IP geolocationinformation from the IP addresses of visitors is to use web services that provide geolocation API service. Web services that provide geolocation API service instantly provide detailed geolocation information corresponding to IP addresses.

Today, there are many web services that provide geolocation API services. Ipstack provides the most popular service that provides geolocation information corresponding to the IP address with the API it provides.

In this article, we'll cover why businesses need highly accurate IP geolocation information. Before we talk about this, we will take a look at the reasons why the Ipstack API, which provides geolocation information from the IP address that businesses will use, is highly preferred.

Need of accurate ip location insights for business

Why Ipstack API

  • It presents the geolocation information corresponding to the IP address in a very detailed format. Provides information such as currency, continent name of the location.
  • Provides detailed geolocation data in milliseconds
  • The accuracy of the geolocation data provided is very high.
  • Provides more than 2 million unique location information in over 200,000 cities worldwide.
  • Developed with a developer friendly approach. The data provided can be obtained in XML or JSON format.
  • It provides detailed documentation and is integrated quickly.
  • Preferred by more than 100,000 developers and businesses, especially companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb and Samsung.

Now let's talk about why the accuracy of IP geolocation information is important for businesses.

Why Accurate IP Geolocation is Important for Businesses

Need of accurate ip location insights for business

Geolocation information corresponding to the IP address is very important for many applications belonging to businesses. Businesses can make many analyzes and statistics by obtaining the location information of their visitors.

It is very important that the geolocation information provided is correct for the accuracy of the analyzes and statistics. In line with this, steps can be taken to grow the business.

Let's take a look at some examples of using the correct geolocation information corresponding to the IP address.

Region-specific content

Today, many news or article sites with international visitors and content use the geolocation information of their visitors. The most popular ways of use are to provide content related to the location of the visitors or to provide the most viewed content in the visitor's location. One of the most important examples of its use, especially in news applications, is to send breaking news to visitors at the location of the news. In this way, the relevant news will reach the relevant visitors.

Region-specific campaigns

E-commerce applications with international users and serving in many countries obtain the location information of their users by using geolocation APIs. With location information, it enables them to obtain much more information such as which country in the world has the most sales, the countries with the least shopping, the information of the cities with the least shopping in the countries with the most shopping. In line with this information, e-commerce companies can increase their transaction volume by providing various campaigns to users in regions with the least shopping.

Automatic language change

Today, many international applications can make some changes on their applications by obtaining the geolocation information of the users. For example, it is to update the language of the application according to the location information, the official language in the current location. With this approach, users' satisfaction is increased and organic traffic is provided to the application.

Currency update

Currency data in international e-commerce applications are also updated with the official currency of users' geolocation information. This provides users with a safer shopping environment. Businesses will not encounter any payment problem with this method.

There is geolocation information corresponding to the IP address and many more usage scenarios such as these. The most important point to be considered here is the accuracy of the data provided. With the accurate geolocation information provided, businesses can easily analyze and set targets.


Geolocation APIs help businesses grow and enter the international market. If you want to take advantage of these privileges, take a look at Ipstack API, the most popular web service providing geolocation API.