5 ways saas company can use geolocation api

5 Ways SAAS Companies Can Use a Geolocation API

Companies actively process a lot of information about their visitors. The most popular of these information is the geographical location information of the visitors. Companies usually obtain this information about their visitors from the IP addresses of the visitors. Geolocation information corresponding to the IP address is obtained with the geolocation API.

Today, the number of SaaS companies is increasing. SaaS companies' use of geolocation APIs is also very simple and fast. In this article, we will learn how SaaS companies can use Geolocation APIs. Before we talk about that, let's take a look at the concept of SaaS.

What is SaaS

Today, SaaS is a set of applications that mutually benefit both businesses and users. It is expressed as software as a service, which is a cloud-based software service with many advantages. Working for the interests of both users and businesses, SaaS contributes to the development and growth of small and medium-sized businesses today.

SaaS, which stands for software as a service, is a cloud-based service where you can access the application via an internet browser instead of downloading a software to your computer to run an application. Businesses use these providers for a wide variety of purposes, both to run their customer-focused and internal business processes. Saas applications provide many advantages to businesses and users and make significant contributions to their growth.

How is SaaS Working Logic

Software-as-a-service starts with a license or subscription for a fee to use the service. It is used depending on the request of individuals or businesses. It is possible to use the application with a web browser when the application is purchased. However, offline Saas applications are also being developed to avoid the disadvantage of the internet.

Basic operation in applications working with a central hardware; middleware, application software, and application data are all collected in the service provider's data center. The service provider manages the hardware and software. Availability and security of data is ensured here. SaaS applications offer fast usage thanks to the cloud base.

SaaS companies can appeal to more users horizontally by using the geolocation API. The most suitable geolocation API to be used in SaaS companies is Ipstack API. Let's take a look at why Ipstack API is suitable for SaaS companies.

Why Ipstack API is suitable For SaaS Companies

Geolocation api uses in saas company

The biggest reason why Ipstack API is frequently preferred in SaaS companies is that it works independently of a programming language or project. That is, it can be integrated into all programming languages ​​and has no dependencies. In addition, Ipstack API is easily and quickly integrated into projects and provides a great advantage for SaaS companies.

The Ipstack API provides detailed location information corresponding to the IP address in just milliseconds without creating any delay, ensuring the performance of the application in SaaS companies.

Now let's talk about the 5 most popular uses of geolocation APIs such as Ipstack API for Saas companies.

Geolocation API for SaaS Companies

  • Update based on the official language at the visitor's location

Applications belonging to SaaS companies are compiled and run in a concise manner. There are some steps that can be taken with geolocation APIs to increase the satisfaction of visitors entering these applications. The first of these is to detect the official language of the visitor's location after obtaining its location from the IP address and translate the application language to the official language of the visitor. With this method, visitors tend to visit the applications of SaaS companies frequently.

5 ways saas company can use geolocation api

  • Update based on official currency of visitor's location

geolocation APIs SaaS companies can help their users with currency and payment, especially in e-commerce applications. After the geolocation information of the user is obtained, the official currency and the currency of the application are updated in the geolocation information and user satisfaction is increased.

  • Online translation applications

The best efficiency can be achieved with the geolocation API in online translation applications served by SaaS companies. The location information of the users is obtained when they enter the application and the default translation language is updated.

  • Customized notification

It is easier for applications belonging to SaaS companies with international users to reach their target audiences by using geolocation APIs. In order to send instant notifications only to users in certain locations through applications, the geolocation API obtains the location information of instant users and sends the relevant notification.

  • Customized content

Another way to process user location information obtained with Geolocation APIs is to provide location-based customized content. For e-commerce applications, such as the most purchased products in any location or a list of the most listened songs in the user's location in a music application.


The use of geolocation APIs continues to increase. If you want to use geolocation APIs smoothly and quickly, especially in SaaS companies and SaaS applications, take a look at the Ipstack API.