Track and update locations in real time with geolocation api

Track and Update Locations in Real Time with Geolocation APIs

Location information is used by many applications and websites belonging to businesses. When visitors enter websites or applications, they enter with public IP addresses. Applications can obtain location information from IP addresses.

Many applications customize their content and packages according to location information in order to offer the most perfect experience to their visitors and increase their organic traffic. With this method, visitors will feel more special. This will increase the use of applications.

For example, many news sites today use location data to present the most relevant news to their visitors. Applications obtain location information corresponding to IP addresses with location APIs. Today, Iptack API is the most preferred web service among the location APIs. Ipstack API offers more than a location API service.

Let's take a look at some of the features that the Ipstack API provides.

Ipstack API features

Ipstack API, which provides location service, provides more than a location service to its customers today. The Ipstack API provides a lot of data about the location information corresponding to the IP address. Pretty detailed. Such as city information of location information, zip code, currency, continent name. The response of the Ipstack API for an example IP address is as follows.

    "ip": "",
    "type": "ipv4",
    "continent_code": "EU",
    "continent_name": "Europe",
    "country_code": "FR",
    "country_name": "France",
    "region_code": "IDF",
    "region_name": "\u00cele-de-France",
    "city": "Saint-Ouen",
    "zip": "75001",
    "latitude": 48.8602294921875,
    "longitude": 2.3410699367523193,
    "location": {
        "geoname_id": 2977824,
        "capital": "Paris",
        "languages": [
        "code": "fr",
        "name": "French",
        "native": "Fran\u00e7ais"
    "country_flag": "",
    "country_flag_emoji": "\ud83c\uddeb\ud83c\uddf7",
    "country_flag_emoji_unicode": "U+1F1EB U+1F1F7",
    "calling_code": "33",
    "is_eu": true
  "time_zone": {
    "id": "Europe/Paris",
    "current_time": "2022-09-05T19:39:40+02:00",
    "gmt_offset": 7200,
    "code": "CEST",
    "is_daylight_saving": true
  "currency": {
    "code": "EUR",
    "name": "Euro",
    "plural": "euros",
    "symbol": "\u20ac",
    "symbol_native": "\u20ac"
  "connection": {
    "asn": null,
    "isp": null
  "security": {
    "is_proxy": false,
    "proxy_type": null,
    "is_crawler": false,
    "crawler_name": null,
    "crawler_type": null,
    "is_tor": false,
    "threat_level": "low",
    "threat_types": null

Ipstack has developed its API to cover multiple cases to address many applications. With a single endpoint, we can access the location information of one or more IP addresses at once. This helps to reduce network traffic.

In addition, Ipstack API has been developed with a developer-friendly approach. The service response comes as either JSON or XML. Ipstack API also provides developers and business owners with very detailed and powerful documentation.

Use cases of location API

Today, location APIs are frequently used by map applications. With the location data corresponding to the IP address, the location of the users is obtained and in map applications, it allows users to create a route to the address they will go to. In addition, the use of location APIs is very important if you want to offer users suggestions for places such as restaurants or museums.

The use of location APIs on e-commerce sites is also very popular. E-commerce sites with international users can detect users' locations and make location-specific discounts or customizations. For example, by offering different discounts to locations with less sales, the transaction volumes of businesses can be increased.

One of the most popular uses lately is news sites. News sites with international visitors do not send breaking news in the location of the visitors as a notification to their visitors who are not in that location. In this way, the right news is delivered to the right person.


By using web services that provide Location API service for various purposes, businesses can increase their organic traffic and increase their business volumes directly. You can explore the Ipstack API to have more than a location API and have more advantages.