Use These 3 Free Geolocation APIs In Your Upcoming Projects

Did you know that our geolocation data appeared on the internet? As long as we are on the Internet, our device that is connected to the Internet must have an IP address. IP addresses are used to determine geographic location. With the IP address, it is possible to learn the country, city, region, zip code and time zone to which the device is connected.

Today, many businesses can obtain geographic location information of visitors visiting these method applications. Obtained geolocation information is vital for many businesses. Businesses can usually analyze a lot of information such as the location information of the visitors and from which region they get the most visitors. They can also obtain the information of the regions where they receive the least visitors and update their marketing strategies for this.

There are many ways businesses can get their visitors' geolocation information through apps search. The most popular of these ways is to use a geolocation API. In this article, we will first talk about what geolocation' APIs are and how they work, then we will list the 3 most popular free geolocation APIs that can be used in applications. So let's get started.

What is Geolocation API

Geolocation APIs provide the service that provides location data corresponding to IP addresses. As soon as the visitor enters the application, the IP address obtained is sent to a geolocation API and the geolocation API returns the visitor's geolocation information to the application.

A large global data pool is used to obtain geolocation information corresponding to the IP address. The IP address from the visitor is queried in this database and the registered geolocation information is returned. The up-to-dateness of the databases owned by the Geolocation APIs and the accuracy of the data are very important.

What are the 3 Most Popular Free Geolocation APIs

There are many Geolocation APIs on the market today. In this increasingly competitive environment, we will list 3 Geolocation APIs that are better in many ways and have free options among hundreds of Geolocation APIs.

Ipstack is the most preferred Geolocation API today. Hundreds of thousands of developers and businesses obtain the geolocation service corresponding to their IP address from Ipstack. Microsoft and Samsung are just a few of the many big brands that prefer Ipstack.

The main reason why Ipstack API is the most popular geolocation API is that it provides the most detailed geolocation data corresponding to the IP address. It provides much more information such as continent information, continental code, currency and time zone information of the location corresponding to the IP address. An example geolocation information of Ipstack API is as follows.

    "ip": "",
    "type": "ipv4",
    "continent_code": "EU",
    "continent_name": "Europe",
    "country_code": "FI",
    "country_name": "Finland",
    "region_code": "18",
    "region_name": "Uusimaa",
    "city": "Helsinki",
    "zip": "00100",
    "latitude": 60.165000915527344,
    "longitude": 24.934999465942383,
    "location": {
        "geoname_id": 658225,
        "capital": "Helsinki",
        "languages": [
        "code": "fi",
        "name": "Finnish",
        "native": "Suomi"
        "code": "sv",
        "name": "Swedish",
        "native": "Svenska"
    "country_flag": "",
    "country_flag_emoji": "\ud83c\uddeb\ud83c\uddee",
    "country_flag_emoji_unicode": "U+1F1EB U+1F1EE",
    "calling_code": "358",
    "is_eu": true
  "time_zone": {
    "id": "Europe/Helsinki",
    "current_time": "2022-12-05T20:39:16+02:00",
    "gmt_offset": 7200,
    "code": "EET",
    "is_daylight_saving": false
  "currency": {
    "code": "EUR",
    "name": "Euro",
    "plural": "euros",
    "symbol": "\u20ac",
    "symbol_native": "\u20ac"
  "connection": {
    "asn": 41264,
    "isp": "Google Switzerland Gmbh"
  "security": {
    "is_proxy": false,
    "proxy_type": null,
    "is_crawler": false,
    "crawler_name": null,
    "crawler_type": null,
    "is_tor": false,
    "threat_level": "low",
    "threat_types": null

Ipstack API returns the detailed geolocation information it provides to its users in just milliseconds. One of the reasons why Ipstack API is preferred by developers is the ease of integration of Ipstack API. Ipstack API geolocation information can be returned in both JSON and XML format.

Ipstack API has very flexible package options. It offers a total of 5 package options, including the free package. With the free package, there is no charge for up to 100 requests per month.

You can also access the powerful documentation carefully prepared by the Ipstack API here.

Ipdata is one of the best ways to get geolocation information from an IP address. Ipdata provides detailed geographical location data of the IP address to its users with the API it provides.

There is a very large database of location data. The data in this database is updated every 15 minutes. Another popular service IPdata provides is the threat inquiry system. It allows you to instantly check if an IP Address is listed in any of the 100+ Threat Feeds.

There are 6 package options in total, including the free package. With the free package option, you can make 1500 requests per day.

Application integration and use of the geolocation API provided by Ipdata is quite simple. Thanks to its technological infrastructure, it can be integrated into almost any programming language. You can find more information about usage and integration here.

Abstract provides services to many big companies such as Accenture, Nokia and Bayer by providing geolocation data corresponding to IP addresses with the API it provides. The database used by Abstract API stores information of 4 billion IP addresses. Despite this, it is able to return the location information of the IP address to its users very quickly.

Data in Abstract API's database is updated every day. In this way, it provides users with the most up-to-date and highly accurate data.

Abstract API provides detailed location information corresponding to IP addresses to its users. In addition to the location information corresponding to the IP address, it also provides the flag emoji, flag photo, time zone information of the location. It also provides information to its users whether the IP address is a VPN or not.

It offers a total of 4 package options to its customers. Among these packages, 20,000 requests can be made with the free package.

Abstract API has a technological infrastructure that can be easily integrated into applications. It can be integrated quickly and can be used immediately. You can find a lot of information about integration here.


The most popular way to obtain visitor location data is to use geolocation APIs. If you want to obtain geolocation information from IP addresses of your projects, visitors and make innovations in many areas such as marketing strategies with this information, take a detailed look at the geolocation APIs we have prepared for you in this article.