Benifits of using rest api to get ip address

The Benefits of Using a REST API to Get Your IP Address

Many businesses try different ways to give their visitors the best experience through their websites and apps. Most businesses log and analyze visitors' movements on their websites. They provide relevant content to interested visitors. They use the REST API to get the IP addresses of their visitors. Businesses can obtain many data about their visitors using the address API.

The address API is today the most popular way for businesses to obtain a lot of data, especially the geographic location data of their visitors. In this article, we will discuss what IP geolocation APIs provide geolocation information and how they work. Next, we'll list the advantages and use cases of IP geolocation APIs.

What is the IP Geolocation API?

IP geolocation APIs are simply web services and are responsible for providing geolocation information corresponding to public IP addresses.

Visitors access a website or application on the web with their public IP information obtained from internet providers or NAT (Network Address Translation) gateway. If they choose the NAT gateway, they can use private IP to access websites. As soon as visitors enter websites, a JavaScript or maybe Java code usually runs and obtains the client IP information. Then, the application sends the obtained client public IP addresses to the geolocation service in the request header. In this way, the application obtains instant geographical location information of the visitors.

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How to REST API Get IP Address?

The most important criterion for geolocation REST API to provide geolocation information corresponding to the public IP address is data. Geolocation APIs usually communicate with databases with large amounts of data.

Databases used by geolocation APIs have all address information corresponding to public IP address ranges. IP information is queried in this database server, and address information is provided.

The databases of geolocation services must be updated frequently and contain the most up-to-date address data. The accuracy of the data provided makes it competitive among geolocation APIs today.

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What are the Benefits of Using Geolocation API to Get Public IP Addresses?

There are many benefits to using IP geolocation services on business websites and applications.

Development cost

The first and most important benefits are the reduction of development costs. Feeding and populating a database of addresses corresponding to billions of IP address ranges costs a lot of time and money. With IP geolocation APIs, the cost of accessing the desired data through a single HTTP request is very low. The developer can log requests and responses with one move.

Data accuracy

The accuracy of the address information obtained by the IP geolocation APIs is high. Instead, we are responsible for the up-to-dateness of the geographical address data in the database we will create and fill in ourselves. For this reason, apart from adding data to the database, using geolocation APIs is more appropriate regarding the data's up-to-dateness and accuracy.

What are the Usages of IP Geolocation API?

Internet advertisement by public IP address

The first example is many advertisements are using IP geolocation APIs we encounter on the web today. The advertising mechanism usually obtains the user's location information and displays the popular ads in the address to the user.

E-commerce applications

E-commerce applications also make frequent use of IP geolocation APIs. Especially e-commerce applications with international users. E-commerce applications organize discounts and campaigns specific to certain locations.

Weather applications connect client IP

Another popular system where the IP geolocation API is used is weather applications. Today, almost all weather applications display the weather information at the visitor's location by default. The geographical location data of the visitors is obtained from the public IP address.

News applications

International news applications also prefer IP geolocation APIs. Thanks to the geolocation APIs, they send the latest breaking or normal news about the address of the user via notification.

Social media application

Social media applications show the most popular content in the locations to the people in that location. For this, they establish a connection between the people in the location and the popular content in the location.

Best Free IP Geolocation API: ipstack API

Benifits of using rest api to get ip address

Geolocation API usage is increasing. Ipify API and ipapi are geolocation APIs mostly known today. Among these geolocation APIs, world-famous brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Airbnb prefer ipstack API.

ipstack API configured their code to provide the most detailed geographical location information corresponding to the IP information.

The technological infrastructure of ipstack API is quite strong, and it can handle requests from thousands of devices at the same time. ipstack API is pretty good at managing traffic using a load balancer.

The accuracy of the detailed information provided by the most popular IP geolocation API, ipstack API, is very high. It can also provide location information with details in just seconds thanks to technology structure and load balancer. In this way, there is no delay in client applications.

ipstack API is used by more than 100,000 developers and businesses today. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is that ipstack API has flexible and affordable package options, including the free package to create an account and get an API key.

The ipstack API integrates easily with popular programming languages such as Java, Php, and JavaScript without any library or files. It has a developer-friendly approach, and it supports both XML and JSON format as a return format and accepts query strings.

You can look at the sample request and query string structure of the ipstack API in the plain text below.


Using IP geolocation API provides unlimited convenience to businesses. Sign up for the best IP geolocation API for free to gain countless benefits for your businesses and get ahead of your competitors.