Why Businesses Use Location Tracking APIs and How You Can Benefit

If you use applications such as weather and clock in your applications on your smart devices, most likely the applications use your location information. They access your location details from your IP address. As a result, they provide you with information specific to your location.

Applications perform these operations by using services that provide location tracking API services. So let's examine what the location tracking API is.

What is location tracking API

Location tracking API allows applications and websites to obtain location details from the IP addresses of visitors. Today, the location tracking API service is frequently used by applications. Businesses prefer to increase the satisfaction of their visitors and increase their organic traffic through their applications.

There are many services that provide location tracking API. The most popular and frequently preferred of these is theIpstack API.

Benefits of using location tracking APIs

There are many advantages for applications and websites to obtain the location information of their visitors. First, businesses can customize their content based on the location that visitors obtain from their IP address. With location-based content, visitors can increase their satisfaction and directly affect organic traffic and transaction volume.

In addition, businesses can reveal analyzes with location information obtained from their applications and websites. For example, let's say you have an application with a large user base around the world. You can get the information in which countries, regions and even which cities your application is used more. In line with this information, you can get ahead of your competitors by encouraging the growth of your business and the people in the locations that prefer your applications less.

Usages of location tracking APIs

Location App

Today, many of us create a route to the location we want to go on the map, both while driving and on foot. These applications, which allow us to create routes, use the services that provide location tracking API and provide you with your location information and provide you with a printout. This is the most common usage scenario.

News app

Today, many globally popular news site applications use services that provide location tracking API. With location tracking API services, they provide their visitors with prominent and breaking news about their location.


E-commerce applications with international customers also use services that provide location tracking API today. With the services that provide location tracking API service, they update the currency of their products with the official currency of the location. Ipstack provides the official currency information as well as the location information corresponding to the IP address.


Location tracking APIs seem to be a way to grow and increase organic traffic for many businesses today. If you are considering integrating services that provide location tracking API in your applications or websites, you should take a look at the Ipstack API.