How To Securely Use Address APIs In Your Applications

You may have heard of address APIs (application programming interfaces) that provide location data for users on the Internet. Many of today's businesses offer many privileges to their users by using IP address APIs. They send the IP addresses obtained from their users to these APIs and obtain their detailed geographical location. Then, they provide their users with multiple privileges, such as customized content, location-based discounts, and breaking news with geographic location data.

The use of address APIs is increasing. Although address APIs bring direct traffic and new users to businesses, there are many things to consider when using these APIs. In this article, we will mention how to use an address API securely. Then we will explain the concept of address validation API.

Using the Location Services API Securely

It is not the right approach to directly integrate or use location services API, ie, address API, into applications. Using these APIs or the address data provided by these APIs directly may result in security vulnerabilities and even legal processes.

Here are some points to consider when using these APIs securely in the application.

Using Reliable Address Validation APIs

Businesses may experience financial losses with transactions are made with incorrect location data. To avoid this situation, verifying address components using reliable address validation or address lookup APIs is the first step to increase security. These APIs can easily verify addresses so businesses can easily detect invalid addresses. Address validity is one of the first issues to be prioritized.

Managing Permissions

Before allowing users to access their location information, make sure you manage these permissions properly. Businesses or developers may face legal problems due to location data obtained with address APIs without users' consent.

Encrypt Location Data

Encrypting the location data obtained through the address APIs will prevent your data from falling into the hands of malicious users. This can easily be done using HTTPS or SSL/TLS protocols.

Most Preferred Address Validation APIs

We mentioned that the first step to using address APIs securely in applications is using a reliable address validation API. There are many address validation APIs in the market today. The competition between address validation APIs, which are increasing in number, has also started to increase.

Increasing competition has also increased the quality. For this reason, the address validation APIs that you will find in the market today and which are most preferred by businesses are as follows.

  • ipstack API

  • Google Address Validation API

  • USPS Address Validation API

  • Loqate Address Verification API

  • Smarty Address Validation API

  • UPS Address Validation API

Why the ipstack API Is the Most Popular Address Validation API?

The ipstack API is the most popular address validation API today. The main reason for this is that the ipstack API is both the address API and the address validation API.

The ipstack API basically contains detailed geolocation data corresponding to the IP address. Provides detailed location data in seconds. Businesses that do not want to use detailed location data can also use IP addresses only to see if the addresses are valid.

Another reason why it is today's popular address validation API is its pricing policy. The ipstack API provides multiple flexible subscription plans to its users and even has a free plan with a limit of 100 requests per month. For this reason, it is used by many developers and businesses such as Microsoft and Samsung for multiple purposes.


As a result, when you want to use an address API, you should integrate it securely into your application. In addition to all these security steps, you can also prefer address APIs with very high firewalls.

Use the ipstack API for both receiving and validating address data.


What is address validation API?

Address validation API is a web service used to check the accuracy of a specific address or geographic location corresponding to an IP address. In short, this API can validate addresses.

Address validation API can be used in a variety of applications. For example, an e-commerce site can use these APIs to ensure that customers enter the correct shipping address.

What are the most popular address validation APIs?

There are many popular address validation APIs available today. Some of these are as follows.

  • ipstack API

  • Google Address Validation API

  • USPS Address Validation API

  • Loqate Address Verification API

What are the secure ways to use the address API?

Before including Address APIs in the systems, attention should be paid to the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the data it provides. APIs serving with HTTPS should be preferred. The resulting location data must be encrypted.

What should be considered when choosing the address API?

There are many things to consider when choosing an address API. The first of these is the accuracy of the data provided by this API. Then this API allows a reliable connection to be established. Finally, it has a strong infrastructure and can handle thousands of requests at the same time.