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In 2009 ipstack started out under a different name, freegeoip.net, as a community funded open-source project offering an API for software developers to search the geolocation of IP addresses. Through waves of positive feedback from a steadily growing user base and many years of advanced development and optimisation it became clear that the (once) side-project had exactly what it takes to go to market as a competitive player in the IP to location API and database service field. Fast forward 8 years, freegeoip.net was rebuilt completely into a fully-fledged IP geolocation platform and relaunched as ipstack.com, which is now one of the leading providers of its kind with over 100,000 satisfied customers.

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The infrastructure behind ipstack is integrated with a series of large ISPs who are constantly delivering valuable data about newly registered IP ranges and changes in existing ones. This, along with a rock-solid and highly scalable technical setup ensures the highest possible level in data accuracy and IP data coverage. Database updates are performed multiple times per day and real-time queries take only a few milliseconds to complete and return results.

What can ipstack do for you?

ipstack API services enable you to locate and identify website visitors at a stage before any data is entered into your system. The data received from the API can be used to enhance user experiences based on location data and assess risks and potential threats to your web application in time. For further information please refer to the following resources:

ipstack can be accessed using any programming language, framework and third-party service. Get Free API Access