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Trusted around the globe

Our real-time geolocation API service is used by thousands of developers, SMBs and large corporations all around the world.

  • Know your visitors

    Know where your customers access your website from and customize user experiences based on IP.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Data

    The API covers over 2 million unique locations in more than 200.000 cities around the world.

  • Rock-Solid Sources

    Years of partnership with large ISPs ensure accurate and consistent data any day of the year.

  • Technical Support

    Our dedicated customer support team will be at your service whenever you need assistance.

Scaling with your business

The ipstack API was built with scalability and ease of use in mind. Implementation takes less than 10 minutes and uptime is guaranteed.

  • Powerful & Scalable

    From 100 requests a month to a million requests a day — our infrastructure has got you covered.

  • World-Class Documentation

    An extensive API documentation and a quickstart guide will get you up and running within minutes.

  • Bank-Grade Security

    All data sent to and processed by the ipstack API is secured via 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS).

  • JSON or XML

    Based on your choice, the ipstack API can deliver results in JSON or XML format.

  "region_name": "Catalonia",
  "city": "Terrassa",
  "zip": "08222",
  "latitude": "41.5667",
  "longitude": "2.0167",
  "location": {
     "geoname_id": 3108286,
     "capital": "Madrid",

Location Module Use ipstack's extensive set of localization data to implement geographic restrictions on your site, optimize ad targeting or deliver user experiences customized based on the location of your website visitors.
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  "currency": {
    "code": "EUR",
    "name": "Euro",
    "plural": "euros",
    "symbol": "€",
    "symbol_native": "€"

Currency Module Get instant and accurate information about the primary currency used in the location returned for the processed IP address and deliver a tailored shopping experience to your customers.
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  "time_zone": {
    "id": "Europe/Madrid",
    "current_time": "2018-03-23T15:32:15+01:00",
    "gmt_offset": 3600,
    "code": "CET",
    "is_daylight_saving": false

Time Zone Module Find out about the time zone your users are located in without the need for them to fill out any forms, and act accordingly based on the time-related metadata returned by the ipstack API.
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"connection": {
  "asn": 3352,
  "isp": "Telefonica De Espana"

Connection Module Make use of valuable information about the ASN and the hostname of the ISP your website visitors are using.
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"security": {
  "is_proxy": false,
  "proxy_type": null,
  "is_crawler": false,
  "crawler_name": null,
  "crawler_type": null,
  "is_tor": true,
  "threat_level": "high",
  "threat_types": [

Security Module Protect your site and web application and always be a step ahead of potential threats to your business by detecting proxies, crawlers or tor users at first glance.
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